A podcast about technology, much of it garbage
by Brandon Mercer and joshua stein

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Follow-up from previous episodes (00:50)

  • XHCI USB driver fixed
  • Earin headphones being repaired

Listener request from Peter Ljung - running Ruby on Rails on OpenBSD (04:59)

Brandon's experience writing web apps in Go (11:16)

Managing web application processes (22:04)

Rolling your own framework, authentication, or crypto (23:31)

Open source forks, splintering, and reinventing the wheel (26:10)

Entitlement in open source (35:20)

Web application structure (41:13)

<< garbage[6]: OpenBSD virtualization, solar-powered battery charging

garbage[4]: Earin headphones, encrypting e-mail with reop, ACPI, HiDPI displays >>