A podcast about technology, much of it garbage
by Brandon Mercer and joshua stein

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ummo app (1:01)

OpenBSD stuff (2:14)

  • wxallowed mount flag
  • EFI support in u-boot for arm

BCHS: BSD, C, httpd, SQLite (10:16)

Brandon runs with scissors (20:00)

Google I/O (25:55)

joshua tries to convert Brandon to use iOS (40:46)

Brandon's OpenBSD-based wireless AP (57:16)

  • joshua is lazy

Afterparty (1:05:12)

Garbage t-shirts and stickers are now available (1:24)

OpenBSD News (5:17)

  • p2k16 hackathon in France complete, many developer reports on OpenBSD Journal
  • 6.0 beta
  • getpwnam and getpwnam_shadow
  • hppa64 is no more
  • ACPI 5.0 work, SD card speedup for sdhc(4)

VMware system timer issues (19:13)

More Linux and systemd ranting (29:29)

Aftershow (40:02)

garbage[25]: Constraints
May 5th, 2016

joshua's ramblings on constraints (00:41)

Brandon's follow up on his Go project (25:42)

Gadget review: Sideclick (30:24)

Listener feedback followup (36:16)

  • OpenBSD developers and users should be nice
  • Garbage merchandise is coming soon

Completely unrelated: The Ingenious Design of the Aluminum Beverage Can

Follow-up (00:15)

  • TRIM for flash disks, OpenBSD support

Listener question about GUI installers (09:07)

Calculating Garbage listener counts (16:50)

iPad Pro 9.7", Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard, "True Tone" screen (18:04)

Laptop screens (22:13)

Database inserts with PostgreSQL and WITH, in Go (28:35)

  • arel - A relational algebra

We are now in Google Play Music (49:00)

  • Google sucks at URLs

Post-show (51:27)

Brandon tries not to use Google for a week (01:29)

OpenBSD tidbits (08:56)

  • nvme driver fixed, enabled on amd64 GENERIC
  • Stefan Sperling's history of the iwm driver, with work by Antti Kantee contracted by Genua

joshua's work on Pushover (28:21)

garbage[22]: Potential
April 14th, 2016

Garbage is not an OpenBSD podcast, we're not journalists, we don't do research, we don't interview people, we're just two dudes complaining about stuff on the internet, ok?

OpenBSD Tidbits (2:55)

Brandon wrastles with Go (7:45)

  • sql nulls, and data structures, and json encoding

Listener feedback (19:23)

  • Collaboration between the BSD's, the consumer perspective
  • BSD projects are different, here's how
  • How innovations generally happen between the BSD's

OpenBSD News (00:40)

  • vmm/vmd improvements
  • New multitouch stuff coming

Brandon's new web framework at work (07:20)

joshua's problem with someone violating his licensing terms (17:32)

Listener feedback: OpenBSD commercial support (43:50)

joshua wants an adapter card built (54:54)

garbage[20]: OpenBSD 5.9
April 1st, 2016

OpenBSD News (00:37)

Listener feedback (17:04)

  • Brandon replying to Pedro Giffuni's reply to us about BSD project cross-pollination
  • Seth Jackson asked about RSS, joshua talks about APIs and Pinboard vs. IFTTT

garbage[19]: sched_yield
March 24th, 2016

20th episode!

OpenBSD News (00:30)

  • Scheduler patches
  • ART enabled in -current
  • pkg tools privilege separated
  • softraid crypto bcrypt

Brandon's notes for fixing a driver (15:15)

npm malarkey and dependency management (20:15)

Brandon and joshua interviewed on BSDTalk (32:50)

Update on APU2 (34:17)

Collaboration and cross-pollination between the BSD projects (36:00)

OpenBSD News (00:37)

  • Raspberry Pi 3 and the plan for future ARM work

Google Pixel C review (08:23)

Listener request: Tethering OpenBSD to Android (26:48)

Brandon talks in big, vague terms (32:15)

Brandon does the thing you're never supposed to, but maybe it's okay (41:08)

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